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After Sales Services

One, delivery and debugging

1. After signing the contract, I sent staff to use unit unit implement delivery affairs;

2. The product at the specified time units responsible for the free shipping by me to use the unit;

3. When the delivered product by my unit in the professional engineer is responsible for the installation, debugging equipment, and field training, help to use unit staff know equipment work principle, to grasp equipment maintenance, use and maintenance technology.

Second, the technical training

1. The contract signing and after the delivery, my company expedite professional provide free training, until full mastery of use; use personnel

2. Use the unit in the use of technical problems, I unit responsible for continues to track, offer lifetime technical support.

Three, after-sales service

1. Telephone support: the company to provide technical support and after-sales service telephone, and the customers put forward after-sales maintenance request within four hours of each other's response service request, once appear, fault guarantee in 24 hours door-to-door service.

2. The company, with all the for products provide year-round site after-sales service, and in 24 hours free customers aiming equipment failure; If a major fault (such as damaged parts need to change), we will provide for the customer timely technical assistance or to provide spare parts, to ensure that the change will delay the normal use of customers.

3. Provide repair service life, during the quality guarantee period or after-sales maintenance period, we will offer free customer timely in place after-sales service; Beyond the quality guarantee period or after-sales maintenance period, we have only a reasonable collection devices cost.

4. On maintenance, to the client search in the practical work puts forward opinions and Suggestions, prompt improvement.

Four, the guarantee period of

1. My unit to use unit offer products and accessories, the commissioning and acceptance of the contract, the service period free repair, free of "3 packets" namely the guaranteed repair, replacement and return service.

2. The warranty as equipment breaks down, maintenance costs JinRui Beijing century hi-tech Co., LTD to take into consideration the user charge devices cost cost, and provide fee list for inquires the.

3. Maintenance, the maintenance engineers should fill in maintenance, maintenance report in time report should include the fault reason, processing conditions and user opinion, maintenance by both sides hold report a record.